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REBOUND project has come to a successful finish and we are excited to present you with the project results. We are sure you will find interesting and useful information regarding fostering resilience in rural communities.

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Fostering Resilience in Rural Communities (Seminar): Thursday 8 February 2024

We are kindly inviting you to join us at a seminar Fostering Resilience in Rural Communities on Thursday 8 February 2024 at 10.00 am.

🔍 Dive deep into the transformative world of community resilience at our upcoming event, where we proudly present “Rural Resilience in Practice.” This unique gathering will shed light on the impactful REBOUND project, revealing its aims, objectives, and critical outputs including the REBOUND course.
Event Highlights:

🎙️ Keynote Speaker:
 Dr. John Morrissey We are delighted to welcome Dr. John Morrissey, lecturer from the Department of Geography at Mary Immaculate College and author of ‘Demanding Sustainability’, as our keynote speaker. Dr. Morrissey will share his expertise, offering unique perspectives on the role of sustainability and resilience for our rural communities.
💬 Panel Discussion: 
Rural Community Resilience in Practice Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion focusing on the practical aspects of rural community resilience. Learn about the indispensable role of communities and participatory planning in building sustainable, vibrant societies.
🤝 Networking Opportunities: 
Connect with like-minded individuals, professionals, and community leaders during our networking lunch. 
REBOUND Project Overview: Gain insights into the aims and objectives driving the REBOUND project, a catalyst for positive change in rural landscapes.
REBOUND Course Overview: Explore the dynamic REBOUND course and discover how it equips individuals with the tools to foster resilience in their own communities.
Case Studies Presentation: Engage with real-life success stories as we present compelling case studies that showcase the practical outcomes of the REBOUND initiative.
Student Experiences: Hear firsthand from students who actively participated in the REBOUND project, as they share their transformative journeys and lessons learned.
🎟️ Register Today at! Don’t miss this event that celebrates resilience, community empowerment, and the potential for positive change. #RuralResilience #REBOUNDProject 

Please find agenda below.

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Webinar, Tuesday 23 January 2024 – Fostering Resilience in Rural Communities

Webinar, Tuesday 23 January 2024   15:30 – 17:45 CET

Sharing experiences from an innovative training and capacity-building programme
for voluntary and professional rural development practitioners

This EU-level webinar is organised as part of the REBOUND project. It will present key concepts and models of rural resilience, on the ground practical experience based on case studies as well as tools and practices to foster rural resilience. It will also include discussion and comparisons between different types of rural areas and between rural and urban contexts. Speakers and panellists of the webinar will include EP members, ELARD representatives, REBOUND project members and local development experts.

The event is open to all those interested in rural issues and community-led local development. Participation is free.

Registration is open under this link  

This webinar is organised by LDnet on behalf of AEIDL and the other REBOUND partners.

We would like to share our experience with you and move forward together in 2024!

This EU-level webinar on rural resilience will present key concepts, practical experience, tools, and comparisons between rural and urban contexts. Speakers include EP members, ELARD representatives, REBOUND researchers, project members, and local development experts. The event is open to all interested in rural issues and community-led development.


15h30 – 16h40 – Part I. The concept of rural community resilience, findings from survey and case studies

  • Key learnings from the preparation of the rural resilience course
  • Panel discussion with policy-makers, researchers and practitioners on the concept of community resilience, its importance for rural areas, barriers, success factors and lessons.

16h40 – 17h00 – Short break

17h00 – 17h45 – Part II. Developing skills for rural community resilience

  • Presentation of key elements of the accredited rural resilience course, including tools to foster resilience and case studies.
  • Testimonies from the participants of the rural resilience course
  • Panel discussion on policy implications and the way forward.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event!

& LDnet Team

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summary report screenshot

Summary Report of State of the Art and Practices of Rural Community Resilience

Summary Report is the result of the first phase of the REBOUND project. It provides an analysis of innovative processes and patterns pertaining to rural resilience across Europe and it offers an introductory document to the development of training materials which will be developed in the project.

You can download the document in English language here:

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REBOUND – First Newsletter

Check out the first edition of REBOUND newsletter, available here!

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